Become More Likeable at Work Today

If you want to be hated, bring in a bunch of sugarless gummy bears to work. If you want to be liked, consider Cherie Burbach’s advice in an article for For instance, she reminds you to maintain sincerity—do not make jokes if you are not a jokey person, and do not hand out compliments you do not mean. Another thing not to do is get trapped in the whirlwind of office gossip; a little gossip might incidentally help to bond people, but too much is just a recipe for bad blood all around. On the flip side, do try to make yourself approachable. Ask people how they are doing, make an effort to participate in office parties, and try to muster a smile when saying hello and goodbye. Do not inundate people with too much perfume or cologne, and avoid dressing like a hobo. Ultimately, if you want to be liked, you just have to be as positive as you can be at whatever your natural “volume” is. Be kind and warm to a degree that is comfortable for you—that one is a tip from me. You can view Burbach’s article here:

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