7 Things Well-Liked People Always Do

Some people just have natural charisma, but there are still things the rest of you can do to ensure that people are waving hello every Monday morning at the office. Peter Economy shares seven tips for Inc. The first is not to judge people. Whether you do it out loud or your body language betrays it, you often might disapprove of actions or habits of colleagues, but you do not know their circumstances and it is not your right to try to change them. Just accept them. Second, charismatic people can get personal and be open about both good things and bad things in their lives. They are not afraid to show vulnerability, but at the same time, they do not get so personal that people are creeped out. Along the same lines, charismatic people are willing to put the focus on the other person in conversation, so that they can earnestly learn more about the person. Then they make an active effort to listen to the people’s answers and remember them; people really appreciate when you can casually recall details of a story they told months ago. Economy’s last couple tips are good rules at any rate: Do not take yourself too seriously, and try to be hospitable whenever possible. Basically, smack yourself in the face with a pie and offer to let someone lick it off. (Tip: Don’t actually do that. HR won’t like it.) You can view the full article here:

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