7 Things to Ask Yourself Before Promoting Someone to Management

Liking somebody is not always a good enough reason to promote the person, especially as it pertains to management. Robyn Melhuish writes for TLNT with seven questions to ask yourself to confirm promotion is the right move:

  1. Does the employee’s attitude align with company goals? There is no room for deviant agendas.
  2. Does your employee have good soft skills? Robots do not make for good leaders (well, yet).
  3. Does the employee see the big picture? An employee must be able to incorporate new information and processes.
  4. Does the employee listen? If not, you screwed up by hiring this person in the first place.
  5. Can the employee help the company grow? It boils down to if the employee has enough creativity to create new value.
  6. Can the employee motivate a team? Again, this is a matter of soft skills.
  7. Do they really want to manage? Some people just have no interest in overseeing other people.

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