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5 Things You May Not Know about Managing Projects

Project management is a difficult craft to master because it requires a myriad of skills, but the true mastery comes from experience on the job. Whether you are new to the project management scene or you have years of experience backing you, as a project manager you will constantly be learning new things. In an article for, Brad Egeland explores some things all project managers should know. There are five facts to keep in mind about managing projects:

  1. Experienced project managers likely have a better resume than their superiors.
  2. Finances are difficult.
  3. Change is imminent.
  4. The customer may not know everything.
  5. The customer may have other priorities.

A project manager who has been in the profession a while is likely to have a better resume than the person they report to. Years of hands-on experience and portfolio building often looks better on paper than the qualifications of someone else who, perhaps, might be more of a resource manager.

Financials are difficult to manage because money can disappear for so many varied reasons. Making friends in the accounting department can help you to get accurate numbers and understand all of the nonsense about keeping current records.

Change is a harsh reality of life, and projects are not spared from this fact. A good, healthy project will constantly be changing, despite the scope you may establish in the beginning. Every project will have a customer or two that will request an alteration of requirements, or worse:

I worked at one organization as the Vegas PM head and we won a huge project because our CEO promised no change orders no matter what. Then he took his own life early in the project. Talk about major change. It shut the company down. There’s your change.

The customer may not always know exactly what they need, and what they ask for may not actually solve their problem. Maybe they requested a CRM system, but in reality they need a re-working of their HR and accounting systems.

Lastly, even if this is a huge project to you, it may not be that big of a priority to the customer. Maybe they have other, more pressing matters at the time. This can result in a lack of engagement from the customer, which can be frustrating.

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