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4 Tips from Entrepreneurs Who Grew Startups into Successful Businesses

Every great business adventure starts somewhere, including yours. If you are thinking about developing a pioneer spirit, Travis Wright shares tips from entrepreneurs in an article for Inc. Here are some highlights:

  1. Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX says to solicit as much feedback, especially negative, as possible about the business, because it all helps you to develop a better understanding of the right next moves.
  2. Steve Jobs of Apple, when hiring for senior roles, considered who he thought would really fall in love with Apple while working there. Passionate employees are engaged employees.
  3. Steve Ells of Chipotle took his restaurant experience and passion for food, looked at what fast food restaurants were not providing, and created Chipotle around a niche that made sense to him. Passion and practicality make a good combo.
  4. Vincent Mifsud of ScribbleLive warns against enabling a culture of spending, which can quickly get out of control. Instead, only make concentrated investments where everything connects back to strategy.

These are the best insights to be found, but there are more stories and tips at the full article, which you can view here:

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