4 Things Employees Hate about IT (and How to Fix Them)

Some IT departments just have it together better than others. In an article for, Sharon Florentine elaborates on the results of a user satisfaction survey by Green Elephant, which uncovered what grievances employees have with IT. There are four areas employees are most dissatisfied with in IT:

  1. Basic equipment
  2. Bring your own device (BYOD)
  3. Help desk
  4. Management of common assets

Putting the GRR in Great

Employees spend on average five-and-a-half hours a day working on their computer, and 55 percent are dissatisfied with their equipment. Employees claim that their computer inhibits their ability to get their work done efficiently. In retrospect, regardless of what companies believe, most companies have it within their budget to upgrade their employees’ computers. Not only hearing out people’s grievance, but also doing something to remedy the situation will go a long way in building IT’s reputation and trust within the company.

When it comes to mobile devices, both company-issued devices and BYOD pose a problem. Most of the time companies that issue a mobile device to their employees will not allow them to add personal apps for security reasons. On the BYOD side of things, companies will help employees set up their device, but then they will not follow through and assist as problems arise. Mobile devices are employees’ main source of communication, and IT needs to better embrace this.

An employee, on average, utilizes the IT help desk once a month. How this brief interaction transpires has a great impact on how IT is viewed throughout the entire business. One of employees’ biggest complaints is that when they contact the help desk, the help desk personnel make it seem like the employee is imposing some sort of burden. The help desk is there to help, and it is important to make a good impression.

Whose job is it to ensure the printer has paper, or is tasked with clearing paper jams? IT can take it upon them to help manage some of these common assets throughout the company. These minuscule jobs may seem insignificant or even lowly for established IT employees, but they are simple, quick ways to gain good faith throughout the business.

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