What to Do If You’re Worried Employees Aren’t Thrilled with You

You try to be the best boss you can be, but you are still worried you might rub some employees the wrong way. Nicole Fallon Taylor discusses what can be done at Business News Daily. The different perspective between a boss and employee can sometimes be to blame, as the two roles often value different things. In many cases though, the boss cannot be sure something is wrong with his or her management style until the employee finally speaks up about it, in which case it is on the boss to listen closely to the concern and do the best possible job of improving the situation. On that same note, Taylor asks employees to empathize with their boss and understand that some things a boss must do are the result of corporate policies, not managerial ineptitude or maliciousness. Ultimately, employees need to be more open about their problems, and bosses need to be more proactive about alleviating the problems that are brought to them. You can view the full article here:

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