Use the Exit Interview to Reduce Employee Turnover

Make the “Exit” sign the worst thing that your employees ever see during the workday. Dona DeZube writes for Monster with tips for a candid and useful exit interview process. Since getting the person to share honest answers for leaving is critical, begin by, well, asking them what made them start looking for a new job. Encourage the person to just air out his or her thoughts on everything (well, “everything,” not everything). An especially sharp question to ask is, “What is your new employer giving you that you did not get from us?” If over time you see people are leaving for a lot of the same reasons, then you know exactly where you need to improve the employee experience. Furthermore, as a point of practicality, exit interviews are helpful places to explain legal rights and obligations following termination, to reduce liability concerns for either party. If the leaving employee shares opinions that seem strongly contrary to what the interviewer or anyone else believes about the company, do not get angry or hostile; there is no helping the way a person feels.

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