Six Benefits of a CIO-CMO Alliance

“Alliance” is one of those words that just makes a person feel safe and sound, because it means people are working together to maintain something. In an article for The Enterprisers Project, Jay Ferro talks about how he, as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the American Cancer Society, has allied with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The benefits have been immense, but there are a few areas that have profited most:

  1. A shared customer vision
  2. Better collaboration
  3. Measurable success
  4. Accountability
  5. Utilizing all skills
  6. Constructive conflict

The C-Team

CIOs need to understand the end-to-end customer experience in order to succeed. At the heart of IT is the delivery of technology to enhance the customer experience. Having a discussion with the CMO helped to bring the customer vision to light, and the duo now have a clear picture of who the customer is. Collaboration takes work, because it is a form of human relationship. It is easy to get lost in your own little bubble, and completely lose contact with other beings. CIOs and CMOs who are deliberately communicating are ultimately improving collaboration.

In order to proclaim success, there needs to be a way in which to measure it. When working in an alliance the success criteria need to be collaborative, not just benefiting one party. Likewise, accountability is imperative for any position, but mutual accountability becomes important when working collaboratively.

Everyone has different capabilities and skill sets, and it is important to maximize the usage of them. When working in an alliance, allow for team members to mix and work in different areas. Inevitably, when there is an alliance, there will be conflicts and disagreements. The important thing to remember is that both parties are working towards the same goal and trying to appease the same customers. As long as this collaborative mindset is kept, the alliance can work through anything.

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