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ITSM Will Play a Key Role in Digital Transformation Initiatives

At the heart of any digital transformation effort is the capitalization on how employees collaborate. There is still a multitude of adversities to face when executing a digital transformation. In a post for All Things ITSM, Adam Holtby explores how to make a digital transformation successful.

One of the most important goals of a digital transformation is the empowerment of the employees through tools that deliver knowledge. Employee productivity is directly linked with employee feedback. Additionally, organizations should be exploring any problems with employee efficiency and determine where digitalization can improve productivity.

In the upcoming year, digital trends will demand that IT strategies continually adapt in order to maximize value. The most important demand, however, is that IT focus on how to better support the needs of the customers. The service desk is an excellent place to begin these tasks because the service desk is the connection between IT and the consumer. Self-service capabilities are expected to improve, in addition to there being immense advancements in automation. Consumers will be able to access a role-based portal that will be more responsive to their individual needs. Additionally, IT should act on transformational opportunities and continually adapt.

An essential objective for IT is to enable its users to utilize IT anywhere, on any device. Mobility is becoming a strategic decision for organizations and can help transform both the business and IT processes. Using mobile devices allow for organizations to extract more information from their consumers. For example, the organization can collect data about the consumer’s location.

This mobility initiative goes beyond smartphones to tablets and laptops. Sensors are continually being added to devices, which make them smarter and increase their value. There is no established, standardized approach for an organization to begin their mobility journey, but it is important for the organization to realize its importance and find a path that works for them. Security threats are a huge obstacle to overcome in the quest for mobility, but what is worse is to be left out of the mobile game altogether.

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