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How to Make a Good First Impression Every Time

When you botch a first impression, that less-than-stellar showing will become the default way that a person views you, and future positive showings will still be considered in the context of that first bad showing. Whitson Gordon writes for Lifehacker with tips to stick the first impression so that you do not have to worry about it. For starters, be on time to meetings, and always be wearing something that is clean and situation-appropriate; when in doubt, overdress. Maintain open posture (no crossed arms) and try to imagine that you are talking to a good friend, which will likely cause you to smile and be warm. Sprinkle their name into the conversation a little to further create an intimate feeling. Likewise, avoid talking about yourself too much; focus on getting to know the other person (unless maybe it is a job interview). The full article goes on to discuss how you can maintain this first good impression over time. You can view it here:

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