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How to Encourage Your Top IT Employees

When you work diligently to complete something you want to be recognized, or at least appreciated and encouraged to continue your superb work. The best IT employees need this type of satisfaction, in a non-cliché way, in order to continue working this well. In an article for InformationWeek, CIO Jonathon Feldman discusses how to best give “the gift of accomplishment.” There are four ways to best IT encourage employees:

  1. Minimize the amount of meetings.
  2. Encourage project discipline.
  3. Avoid rulings.
  4. Over-appreciate.

Maintaining Positivity

Meetings can be great forums for discussion, but they can also be wasteful burdens. If a person is in meetings all day, they will never be able to accomplish anything other than attendance. Rather than unnecessary meetings, perhaps you could offer work sessions where employees can come together and get work done, rather than simply discussing it.

Project commitment is important, but if the project is clearly failing you need to learn to let go. Get rid of projects that are just going nowhere, and evaluate what went wrong and how to improve future projects. Beyond looking out for the health of the company, this also looks out for the morale of employees, who would much rather be working on projects that will truly make a difference.

Rules do not always need to be black and white, and in fact, these right or wrong rules are often limiting employee capabilities. Make sure you are not restricting so much that employees are struggling to complete their jobs. And if you really want your employees to be encouraged, learn how to over-appreciate them. When you publish project updates, perhaps you could include an excerpt about individual contributions. Bonuses, when they are deserved, are another great motivator.

In order to be effective in the gift of accomplishment, you need to engage in all of these behaviors. Hard-working IT employees really want to know that their leader has taken notice of their diligence and appreciate their extra effort. You can read the original article here:

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