5 Ways to Get More from Your Employees

The gap between good and great employees is not even a stone’s throw, so it is up to managers to make sure teams deliver that extra effort. Karlee Weinmann provides five tips in an article for OPEN Forum. Begin by staying conscious of the previous jobs from which your employees have come, keeping watch for any additional skills they have that might be of use to the team, even if those skills do not directly relate to the job for which they were hired. Another thing to do as much as possible is to marry workers’ tasks with what they actually desire to be doing. People put in their best work when they are passionate about what they do. Furthermore, to increase both trust and accountability, establish clear two-way communication where praise and constructive criticism are welcomed in both directions. And to increase productivity in general, try to streamline operations such that employees do not need to arbitrarily report to multiple different people in order to get work done. The final tip Weinmann shares is to reward high productivity wherever and whenever it occurs, especially if it is with employees whose performance is not usually celebrated. If everyone feels like their contributions really count, then greater work will result. You can view the full article here:

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