5 Ways to Fix a Negative Work Relationship You Caused

If you burned a bridge, then build a new bridge, darn it! Heather R. Huhman provides five simple steps to make a new connection in an article for Business Insider. It begins by admitting you made a mistake and apologizing, no matter how embarrassing that may be. The earlier you do this, the better, because an apology may come across as less sincere or impactful after a long period of time has passed. However, also consider the possibility that maybe the bridge you “burned” was not so severe after all; maybe it was quite minor. Make sure you are not apologizing all the time, because that will result in people fixating on all your mistakes instead of your successes. Huhman’s next tip should be a no-brainer, but if you are trying to fix a work relationship, definitely make sure not to be gossiping about the person while trying to fix it. Lastly, the goal is to get back on amicable neutral ground with a person, so listen to everything the person has to say (and hopefully that person will pay you the same kindness) and be empathetic to his or her situation. From here, real healing can begin. You can view the full article here:

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