5 Lesser-Known Tricks to Make Your Meetings More Productive

The office life is rampant with dull meetings and uninspired lectures. Although the material itself may be important for the audience to retain, it is presented in a fashion that is more likely to inspire a nap than hard work. In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland shares five tricks of the trade to keep those attendees awake and focused on the important information at hand:

  1. Say no to whiteboards.
  2. Avoid those morning and after-lunch meetings.
  3. Food is not your friend.
  4. Call out the distracted people.
  5. Avoid the trap of too many notes.

How to Meet with Purpose

Whiteboards can be fun, and they may make the speaker think they are conveying their ideas better, but they can actually be a hindrance. Whiteboards divert the speaker’s attention away from their audience and create a “depersonalized” atmosphere. As for when to conduct a meeting, for Egeland, the perfect time is from 10-11 a.m. This allows for people to leisurely arrive at work safely, and even gives them some time to collect their thoughts before any discussions. It additionally avoids the afternoon coma brought on by lunch.

On that note, providing food may seem like a great motivator to get people to show up and participate in the meeting, but it is also a distraction. Food, especially messy food, will take away the attention from the meeting itself. There is also the added problem that the food may become the center of discussion.

People are too often distracted and begin to zone out of the meeting. Giving the floor to these people helps them to stay focused and express their thoughts and opinions. This is an additional opportunity for valuable feedback. Whatever the meeting is about is obviously important, and taking notes is equally as important, but too many notes are deadly. Taking excessively detailed notes causes too much of a diversion from the important points of discussion on hand, and the essence of the discussion is consequently overlooked.

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