4 Things You Should Ask an Employee Who’s Leaving

If you want to take a quick, ripping-off-a-Band-Aid approach to conducting the exit interview, Liz Kelly writes for The Muse with at least four questions to ask the leaving employee. The first is, “How did the job match your expectations?” It is crucial to know if the job responsibilities originally outlined really apply to the job that was done, and if this is not the case, it should now be known how to revise the job description. Next is, “Did you feel that the work you were doing aligned with your personal goals and interests?” People are most engaged in their work when it aligns with their personal passions, so if the job did not align with their passions, it is rational and less of a hurtful thing that the person has decided to move on to greener pastures. Third is, “Did you have the tools and resources you needed to effectively do your job?” When employees feel unequipped to excel, it hurts morale, which hurts productivity. The final question is, “Would you recommend this as a great place for a friend to work?” To me, this is the equivalent of trying to get a Net Promoter Score out of someone. Good luck getting a truthful answer.

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