3 Quick Tips for an Incoming CIO

Becoming the new CIO for an organization can be a thrilling advancement in one’s career. It may also be an overwhelming catch-up game of trying to fill the shoes of the previous CIO, all while expanding further towards the organization’s success. In an article for CIO Dive, Justine Brown shares some insight about what a new CIO should do during their first week on the job. There are three tips that a new CIO should follow in order to best integrate into the organization:

  1. Reach out.
  2. Use the analytics.
  3. Streamline the mundane.

Make Way for the Chief

IT has expanded past their norm of technology, and they now have a hand in a variety of departments within their business. When a new CIO comes aboard, they should reach out to the other departments and business leaders to begin to build relationships. They must take this time to meet as many people as they can, and they should keep their mouths shut and their opinions to themselves initially. This time should be devoted to “listening, learning, and understanding.”

The analytics were captured to provide insight into operations, so utilize them to learn more about the organization! Cold, hard data shows both the strengths and weaknesses of the IT organization, as well as provides a light into the inner-workings of such an important department. According to CEO Shaun Ritchie, cloud-based tools with analytics capabilities can help a CIO “understand how the technology is being used and how to deploy it.”

There are some tasks that occur on a daily basis, and valuable time can be freed up if they are streamlined. Meetings and emails are the two common areas that cause “daily clutter” for a CIO, but tools exist to increase oversight over these areas to make managing them more reasonable.

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