The 6 Biggest Office Distractions

In an article for American Express OPEN Forum, Mike Michalowicz identifies six of the most practical distractions we run into on a daily basis and how to address them. The first distraction is plainly “the talker,” the person who wants to just keep gabbing about anything and everything. In these cases, be up front and say you do not have the time to talk, but you can schedule time to talk later if it is important. A second distraction is being CCed on an email; since you generally are not expected to respond to CC emails, keep them in a separate folder and review them when you have a good block of time. Interestingly, a third distraction is not just the chatter made by coworkers, but rather chatter that involves a name you recognize (like a colleague, or yourself). Throw on some headphones and listen to instrumental music to drown out the chance of hearing any of it. Fourth, being too hot or too cold is definitely a distraction, and the ideal office temperature tends to sit around 76 or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Fifth, if your chair is uncomfortable, you are going to notice—all the time. Get a comfy chair! And finally, simple hunger can quickly grow into a heavy distraction, so keep some snacks on hand.

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