The 5 Biggest Mistakes All Leaders Make

In an article for Time, Geoff Smart, Randy Street, and Alan Foster share the results of years of data on good leadership, and they arrive at a surprising conclusion: The inability to remove underperformers is the greatest thing holding leaders back. They share five reasons why this might be the case.

Why They’re Not Canned

Leaders might be eternal optimists, hoping that the faulty employee can be “fixed.” Another reason is that leaders have adopted a “gotta play the hand you’re dealt” attitude and think they need to make do with the employee they have. Alternatively, maybe leaders are just looking to avoid the uncomfortable conversation that comes with canning someone. (That is an especially bad and cowardly reason, if you were wondering.) This could possibly be symptomatic of a greater problem of general procrastination on the part of leaders. And one final reason underperformers are kept is that the leaders might have been the ones to bring the underperformers into their current positions in the first place, and so it might reflect poorly on the leaders’ judgement to terminate these people now. At any rate, when employees are underperforming, proper notice and a period for improvement should be granted. Only when it is certain that employees are incurably lousy should they be given the boot.

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