Shadow IT Takes the Pressure off the CIO

Are you afraid of the dark? Suspicious of the lurking shadows just waiting to bite your toes off? Well, perhaps not all shadows are waiting to harm you; in fact, maybe some are a great thing. In an article for IT World Canada, Yogi Schulz elaborates on the benefits of utilizing shadow IT.

First and foremost, shadow IT takes some of the financial burdens off of the very busy CIO. Each year when budgets are expected to come, the CIO is usually scolded for using such a large chunk of money. What is worse is that they likely need an increase in the coming year. If the CIO can instead propose a decreasing budget, they can save their own skin, even if that might mean other executives are left using “shadow IT Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).”

Along with financial burdens, shadow IT can help alleviate some of the delivery pressures CIOs are often under. There will always be critics that think the IS department took too long to deliver a project and that it cost too much. SaaS solutions once again can save the day by giving the CIO a definitive reason why they cannot take on more projects.

Shadow IT can help CIOs appear to have the ridiculously high bar of knowledge they are expected to have. Hiring someone devoted to running shadow IT greatly helps the CIO.

All of these behaviors may not paint the best picture of a hard-working CIO, but there are still some things the CIO can do to elicit appreciation. The CIO can explain the value of shadow IT, as well as the risks. They can ensure that managers that make IT decisions are held accountable. They can also illustrate situations in which shadow IT would prove an asset. Additionally, they can be sure that the IS department will support any shadow IT initiatives.

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