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A New Mobile App for IT Learning and Earning PDUs: The Great IT Professional

If technology is upgrading the way we run IT, then technology should upgrade the way we learn to run IT too. To that end, the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (ITMPI) has released its new mobile app, The Great IT Professional, which provides instant access to over 1000 hours of educational lectures covering all aspects of the software development lifecycle and IT management spectrum.


Over 200 of the world’s leading consultants have so far contributed their specialized expertise, and the content library is updated weekly with new lectures and subject areas. Furthermore, all content on The Great IT Professional is approved with Category A PDUs by the Project Management Institute, and The Great IT Professional is also an endorsed education provider with the IIBA. It is now possible to get a complete IT education from the device in your hands.

Earn Unlimited PDUs

Educational subject areas covered under the expansive umbrella of The Great IT Professional currently include:

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Application Development and Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • ITIL
  • IT Management, Business Analysis and Requirements
  • IT Metrics and Measurement
  • Offshore and Outsourcing
  • Project Management
  • Soft Skills
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Software Project Estimation
  • Software Quality and Testing
  • Software Risk Management

Download Today

The Great IT Professional is currently available for iOS with an Android version in the works. You can learn more and download the app here:

All premium ITMPI members receive immediate free access to The Great IT Professional. Everyone else can start their free 30-day trial membership with the mobile app here:

Continued learning is how you stay both relevant and in demand in your field. You owe it to yourself to keep learning and be the best IT professional you can be.

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