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HR Insights: How Computer Aid Handles Digital Recruiting

This is the second in a series of interviews with Gail Rolls on critical HR topics. The first interview may be viewed here.

Have you ever wondered how Computer Aid recruits the employees it does? In an interview I conducted with Gail Rolls, Senior IT Recruiter and Career Development Consultant for Computer Aid, I questioned what the Computer Aid digital recruitment process entails, and how the digital age is impacting it. Here are her thoughts on CAI recruitment in the digital world:

AITS: When it comes to recruiting candidates, is there one method that yields the best results for the IT industry?

Gail Rolls: There is not one best way. A good recruiter uses different techniques, different job boards, and different social media sites to attract the best candidate. What may work for one position may not work for another.

AITS: In today’s world, candidates can apply for thousands of jobs with a simple mouse click. Have you found it more difficult to recruit talented candidates because of the intensified competition of digital recruitment?

Rolls: The competition is not so much in the digital hiring space but in the skills in which candidates have. There are certain skill sets that are just in demand, and we don’t have a lot of supply.

AITS: How big of an aspect does social media play during the digital recruitment process? Do you actually utilize platforms such as LinkedIn to recruit people? Do you use social media as a factor for hiring?

Rolls: I use all types of social media. I use them in conjunction with the resume, and the traditional screening and interviewing process. Someone told me that resumes are useless. I totally disagree. I have found that resumes, along with social media, provide a big picture. If there are inconsistencies between them, I will ask the candidate about that.

AITS: Have you found online recruiting events to yield good candidates?

Rolls: Yes, they do. However, that is just the beginning of the screening process in my humble opinion.

AITS: Do you continuously recruit, even if there are no immediate job openings?

Rolls: This is a big YES. Many of the positions I fill are by people/candidates I talked to before we had an opening. I love that type of recruiting! It allows me to learn about that person, and from there I can match up the perfect job for him/her.

AITS: How do you see recruiting changing in the future? Do you think a greater emphasis will be placed on digitally recruiting candidates?

Rolls: I think digitally recruitment of candidates will help us move more efficiently, but will not take over all of what we do. A candidate can’t truly assess an organization’s culture unless he/she goes there in person. You can’t really do a behavioral-type interview unless it’s done in person.

AITS: What should candidates know about the CAI recruiting process that they might not realize on their own?

Rolls: Be responsive and have a sense of urgency all the way through the recruiting process. Be professional all the way through the recruiting process. Once you get the job, continue your professionalism and reach for the stars! In short, be the best you can be—always!


Gail Rolls also maintains The IT Entrepreneur LinkedIn group.

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