How to Avoid Distractions in the Workplace

Too many distractions at work lead to impaired judgement and feelings of frustration. Jacquelyn Smith writes for Forbes with insights from career experts to help you get a better handle of work distractions.

Narrowing Focus

The potential number of distractions that can present themselves at any one time is staggering. It can be a problem if people start to think of some of these distractions as “unavoidable work issues” when it is not really true, such as deciding to respond to every trivial email sent to them instead of focusing on the important work at hand. You need to scrutinize your habits and decide if every distraction truly just comes with the territory. Beyond that, there are the usual basic recommendations to consider. Reserve time early in the day to take on top tasks, limit how often you respond to emails and personal messages each day, and generally keep distracting things out of your field of vision. And if you are really serious about improving, then let others know you are trying to improve your focus. They will then become more likely to be part of your solution than part of your problem.

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