How to Avoid 5 Common Leadership Mistakes

A leader who does not make mistakes is a leader who is frighteningly delusional. In an article for Entrepreneur, Marty Fukuda explains how to avoid five mistakes that sane leaders might acknowledge could happen.

Sanity Is a Full-Time Job

The first mistake is thinking that, since no one has come to you with a problem, that nobody needs your assistance. Even when things really are going great, still pitch in and offer insights and mentoring opportunities where possible. A second mistake is vaguely planning to have catch-up meetings with teams and then not having them. Schedule formal check-in points to remove ambiguity and guarantee work stays on track. Third, and very simply, you want to avoid losing your cool in tense situations; people could subsequently view you as too emotional, or alternatively start to live in fear of you. Since no leader is born perfect, it would behoove you to look into resources outside your own business (books, courses, other people, whatever) that can further sharpen your leadership abilities. The alternative is to assume you are great as is, which is a mistake, because great can always get greater. And lastly, one of the biggest mistakes is plainly refusing to admit that you have made mistakes. All this succeeds in doing is make you look stubborn at best or like a stone-cold doofus at worst.

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