6 Leadership Mistakes, According to the Leaders

Mistakes sure do sting when you first make them, but in the long run, they can serve to make you a better person. Nicole Fallon Taylor at Business News Daily shares insights from various business leaders about leadership so that you can learn lessons without making the mistakes first.

Lessons for Leaders

To start, gut instinct is important in business, but there is a big difference between following your gut and letting emotions cloud your logic. Always take a step back and make sure your decisions are rational. A second mistake is avoiding conflict, which is arguably the worst thing a leader can do. An unresolved conflict is just a rubber band waiting to snap. Third, taking on too much responsibility (perhaps because you think you know how to do it best) instead of delegating prevents your team from reaching its full potential. Fourth, when you must make a decision that falls outside of your expertise, do not cross your fingers and hope for the best; locate people in the company who do have that expertise to help you make an informed decision. Fifth, recognize your team’s hard work, but with more than an “‘atta boy.” If you understand people’s individual emotions and goals, you should be able to customize your praise for the person. Lastly, you need to be aware that you are fallible, and thus should be humble in your dealings with others.

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