5 Ways to Minimize Office Distractions

Studies suggest that the mere presence of a phone can hurt our focus, among myriad other factors. In an article for Harvard Business Review, Joseph Grenny understands there are just too many nuisances to ignore, and so he provides strategies for better handling them.

Focus on You

One exercise you can do right now is, for the next 10 times you realize you have been interrupted, consider how you were feeling at the time of interruption. When we have feelings of anxiety, boredom, or loneliness, we are more likely to allow ourselves to become distracted with something else. Be mindful of your emotions so that maybe you can control how you react to them. A second strategy is to take the easy wins—namely, identifying high-stress but low-effort tasks and taking the effort to just complete them and stop worrying about them. (An example would be responding to an awkward email.) Third, identify the times of day when you work best, and structure your most important work around those blocks of time; remove as many distractions, like phones and alerts, as possible. Fourth, attention span is actually something that can be improved with determination, so get determined! And lastly, if the solution to an unorthodox problem is not coming to you at your desk, then get up and start walking. Ideally, your unconscious mind will figure it out for you as you go.

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