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5 Ways to Keep Learning and Maintain Your Career

If you want to ensure your skills are relevant both today and far beyond tomorrow, you need to take it upon yourself to keep learning. In an article for Inc., Dan Finnigan relates five ways to keep absorbing new tricks.

Live and Learn

The first way is massive open online courses (MOOCs), cheap to free online courses on countless subjects that myriad people can take at once and sometimes offer accreditation that are becoming increasingly recognized by businesses. An even simpler option than that is basic DIY learning, where if there is something you want to know, you can just Google and YouTube it all day until you have mastered the topic. A third way is to join a peer group, where like-minded people share new ideas and discuss how to overcome challenges. If you would rather do it all online, social networking groups like LinkedIn offer similar opportunities. And lastly, some businesses have company-funded degree programs in place that will pay for you to go back to school, so definitely ask if your business offers any such thing. The only thing better than learning is free learning.

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