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5 Tips to Keep You Sharp

Conventional wisdom changes all the time, so your mind needs to stay sharp to keep up with new information. Scott Halford offers five tips to do that in an article for Entrepreneur.

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If you read one article a day written by someone with a view that is contrary to yours, it will stimulate your brain into high action, and you might develop a better understanding of other people in the process. Another thing you can do is try to learn one completely random new thing a day, because you never know when a foreign idea might actually have excellent application in something that matters dearly to you. If you want to reinforce your knowledge, you can try teaching what you know to somebody else. If the person questions the things you teach, this is even better because it challenges you to maintain or change your position. A more low-maintenance way to keep a sharp brain is to plainly get a good night’s sleep, at least seven hours. And finally, consider taking a few timeouts throughout the day to just reflect on what you are doing and how things are going. This mental reset could help new ideas come into your head.

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