5 Strategies That Will Turn Your Employees into Leaders

One of your greatest responsibilities as a leader is to develop the people who work for you. In an article for The Muse, Avery Augustine provides five tips to make the most out of the people who count on you.

Leaders Build Leaders

The first of these is to teach them to network. The ability to initiate conversation and discuss important mutual needs is a critical leadership skill, so you might as well drag along team members to the occasional networking event and let them get used to it. The second tip is to give them the “right” experience. What this means is that there are some areas of work in which probably only you as the leader are engaged, and so bit by bit, you should introduce your team to these higher-level tasks and teach them the skills to perform them well. But on that same note, Augustine’s third tip is to actually allow team members to struggle a little; if you do not help them right away (or redirect them toward another resource for help), you encourage them to do the sort of high-level thinking that comes with the territory of leadership. The fourth tip is more straightforward—be a mentor. Talk about team members’ goals and how to advance them. The final tip then is to instill an “ownership mentality” in team members. When they feel like they are directly responsible for something’s success, they will work that much harder and with even greater pride to get it right.

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