4 Things Leaders Should Not Say

In an article for the Center for Creative Leadership, CEO John Ryan highlights four things that might come out of your mouth as a leader that probably should not be. The first is, “I’m so busy!” Realistically, yes, a leader should be busy. But a leader should also be prioritizing tasks and completing work in a timely manner. If you are spinning in circles, fighting fires, and not completing meaningful tasks, then you are not the good kind of busy. The second bad utterance is, “I’m not responsible.” As a leader, whether or not you are actually responsible for something going wrong, you are still responsible. Deal with it. The third thing to potentially beware is, “I can save this person!” Spending too much time trying to fix an employee who just is not up to snuff for a given role is going to result in frustration for everyone involved, even the failing employee. Just cut your losses when necessary. That being said, you also want to be weary of saying, “Here’s what you’re doing wrong.” Employees do need constructive criticism, but it is important to emphasize and bolster the positives so that criticism comes across well-intended instead of damning.

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