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3 Tips for Understanding Strategy and Project Management

Project managers tend to struggle with this idea of being good strategic leaders. Is this because they do not understand what strategy should mean to them? In a post for Voices on Project Management, Dave Wakeman explores the thought processes that make for great project managers. There are three tips to understanding how strategy and project management are so closely intertwined:

  1. Begin from the end.
  2. Do not make the mistake of sticking to one course of action.
  3. Capitalize on what is around you.

Toward a Sharper Mind

In order to be a great project manager, you need to understand what your end goal is. What is your desired outcome? The project planning should derive from what the desired results will be. Wakeman states, “Considering that we are all supposed to begin our projects with a planning phase, it makes sense to not just plan, but plan with the intention of fitting everything into a commonly focused outcome.” The planning process is designed to be a checkpoint to ensure that the resources are available for the project to be delivered–use it!

It is very easy to become set in one course of action and refuse to deviate from the trail. If your desire is to be strategic, as it should be, this cannot be your only way of thinking. If the same end results keep popping up, ask why and challenge the norms. You ultimately want to cast a net of greater success, and to do that you will need new ways of thinking.

You should not actually steal, but you can take other business ideas around you. Looking to an outside industry can push the way you think, and produce results that are simply inspired. Perhaps you can take after Wakeman and look to the politics sector to find inspiration for something great in project management.

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