The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues for 2016

What is the most rough-and-tumble job in the cutthroat world of corporate America? The CIO’s position proves to be a real contender, but it brings with it a great amount of opportunity. In an article for Forbes, Bob Evans explores the 10 most prominent strategic issues CIOs will face in the coming year:

  1. Create new revenue streams.
  2. Create a new culture.
  3. Create new apps.
  4. Illustrate the benefits of the cloud.
  5. Illustrate the benefits of digital business.
  6. Change the assumptions about “what we do.”
  7. Improve customer engagement.
  8. Make decision-making data-driven.
  9. Improve budgetary affairs.
  10. Execute world-class cyber security.

The technology age is here to stay, and in its carry-on it has brought the digitization of a multitude of everyday elements. These new digital innovations improve customer experience, as well as boost the organization’s revenue. All of this new technology will promote a demand for a new can-do IT culture that promotes innovation and transformation. App creation will be at the heart of this innovation and new, improved customer experience.

The cloud offers a unique experience to shorten product development times, analyze customer trends, allow for the co-creation of career-development plans, and free up some of the CFO’s time, so use it! The cloud provides a simple marriage between traditional business and the benefits of digital capabilities to make an all-powerful mighty merger.

Technology is overrunning every aspect of everyday life and it is the CIO’s job to help make that transition easier. CIOs help to push traditional thinking out the door and introduce the new digital experience. CIOs also need to help to better accommodate the wants of the customer, even if it is not what the business wants. For example, in a survey it was revealed that people preferred zero human interaction until they were on board their plane, something airlines are not accustomed to. CIOs have the unique ability to access data that will prove to be key information to the business’s success.

Prior to the cloud, an exorbitant amount of IT’s budget was devoted to maintenance. With the cloud, and the responsibility of these expenditures rested on the shoulders of the cloud servers, IT now has some money of their own to play with. The cloud also allows for a more improved cyber security experience. Thousands of vulnerabilities are now more easily manipulated and secured into a top-down system.

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