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Project Branding: Using Marketing to Win the Hearts and Minds of Stakeholders

Everything boils down to effective marketing–even projects. You could have the best product in the entire world, but if you cannot market it effectively, it will never sell. In a post for The Lazy Project Manager, Peter Taylor elaborates on why branding is so important and how to better market your projects.

The name of the project will truly help dictate its personality and, ultimately, its success. The name needs to indicate what the goal of the project is. As time goes on, people will begin to associate the concept with the name, so it should be a powerful title. Consider the example of a project with the name “Project Phoenix.” Sounds strong and powerful, but if the project fails or hits hardships, the jokes about going up in flames may ensue. Is that really what you want?

The project’s name should convey four aspects of the actual project:

  1. The core of the project’s goals
  2. The vision regarding what the project will complete
  3. The values behind the project
  4. The personality of the project

In most situations, a name is either descriptive, evocative, abstract, or an acronym. A descriptive title is simple and reveals precisely what the project will do. The evocative title is less straightforward but does reveal some associations the company hopes people make with the project. Abstract names stand out, but really do not give much information about the project itself. An acronym is a shortened contraction of a title that is much simpler for people to remember.

When you go to pick a project name, begin by brainstorming. Obviously not every idea can or should be used, but it is a good way to get everything on the table and select the best representation. Once you have an idea of which name you like, make sure to ask yourself, and maybe a few other people, if the name is politically correct and will not cause extreme controversy. Additionally ensure the name is easy and clear to pronounce, which will help people remember it.

The title of a project is important and deserves some time; just do not overthink it. Put your creative energy into the actual project. You can read the original post here:

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