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How to Be a Leader When You’re Not the Manager

Anyone can exude the essence of leadership, no matter what their title may actually be. Leadership is a skill that is developed over time. In a post for A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin elaborates on this idea of making leadership a part of your life to empower your career.

Taking Greater Accountability

What precisely is “leadership?” Leadership encompasses practices such as establishing the vision for a goal or being able to communicate the goal to others. Yes, being motivational and taking a more proactive stance are important as well, but that is not everything that leadership is about. Actually being a leader means “maintaining an attitude that is open, honest, trustworthy and demonstrates integrity.” But one does not need to be a leader to do leadership.

Leadership is a skill that is practiced and acquired through trial and error. Everyone has a very different style, and actions will work differently or appeal differently to everyone; it truly boils down to trying things out and seeing what suits you best. There will also need to be adaptation to the situation. Something that works exceptionally well in the day-to-day will not necessarily translate to success when it comes to implementation of the big picture.

When crisis strikes and someone needs to make the push to put the project back on track, there will need to be some skills involved. There must be an active drive towards integrating management-type tasks into every aspect. The planning, handling change, or even orchestrating of meetings are vital aspects to a project’s success and should be approached with the morals and values any good leader possesses.

Management and leadership overlap greatly, but that certainly does not mean that a person not in management cannot take initiative in growing their leadership skills. Growing these skills will not only help execute tasks more efficiently, but greatly help to grow one’s professional career. You can read the original post here:

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