Innovation and the Visionary CIO

As long as technology continues to change, so too will the role of the CIO change with it. In an article for ZDNet, Geoff Webb, VP of Solution Strategy at Micro Focus, explains what being a visionary CIO really means in this context.

In an effort to gain a competitive advantage, organizations push for new business models, open new markets, and have their employees embrace technology. Innovations are directly linked to changes that begin in IT. All of these technological advances provide excellent opportunities for companies to succeed, but also massive threats. CIOs are the ones who are able to deliver on all of these grand schemes; they are the driving force behind innovation.

A visionary CIO is one who has an ability to move quickly at delivering business changes, all while they maintain stability. This amazing CIO needs to be able to handle four aspects exceptionally well:

  1. Drive innovation.
  2. Deliver quickly.
  3. Evaluate trends.
  4. Never over-think.

There might be pressure to maintain the good old reliable systems of the past, but a CIO needs to be able to push for innovation despite that. Their position has groomed them to be able to bring technical solutions to business problems, which allows them to translate these skills into delivering the best innovations.

CIOs are under tremendous pressure to quickly deliver results because of how short-lived one’s time in this position tends to be. The ideal situation would be that the CIO could consolidates IT projects from the ground up, in such a way that shadow IT and its associated costs are no longer required. The business will have the ability to integrate more efficient technologies.

With the advances in the Internet of Things, cloud, big data, and other advances, CIOs need to be able to evaluate these trends and make them a part of the business. The implications of not keeping up with these trends creates vulnerability for competition to strike.

Innovation does not need to come from the most grandiose scheme. It can be a simple idea that warrants the best change. You can read the original article here:

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