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How to Work with Someone Who Isn’t a Team Player

A team member who cannot play well with others is a splinter in your thumb that never comes out. Grace Ferguson writes for Chron with how to deal with such a person. First, you need to know the signs. Poor team players might procrastinate, deflect blame, have weak communication skills, or generally not like working with other people. Listen to employee feedback to determine if someone is not pulling his or her weight. When confronting such a person, gently reiterate responsibilities and expectations of the role that this person fulfills, and explain the benefits and detriments that result from being or not being a team player. Hear the person out if there is a valid reason for his or her underwhelming performance, and work to create more amicable conditions for the person if possible. If the person seems unwilling to change though, you will have to explain the dire consequences that might result. You can view the full article here:

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