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How to Manage a Demanding Workload

It is quite easy to become overwhelmed with your workload, especially if you never say “no,” so how can a challenging task list be managed without snapping? In a post at her website, Susanne Madsen explores some ways to lighten the heavy burdens of a tough schedule.

Pick Apart the Problem

Sometimes it is fear of judgment that drives people to take on too much, because they do not want to seem “weak.” They work endless hours and still will never achieve everything they need to satisfactorily, so what can they do?

Asking for a bit of assistance is not only okay, but encouraged. Asking for help should not be seen as a weak move; it takes strength to admit defeat. Projects get the best results when the project managers give them focus, and in order to do that effectively, project managers cannot have too much on their plate. Swallow your pride, ask for help, and give your project the best chance to succeed.

A simple way to lighten a workload on a project is to hire a project administrator to delegate tasks to the team. Having a position such as this exist allows for you to have more time to focus on the pertinent needs of your project. If your superiors are hesitant to hire another person, you can emphasize to them the high value they will bring because they will allow for more attention to be paid to the aspects of the project that need it most. Collaborative planning is another easy route to take to lessen the burden on the project manager.

It is vitally important to have someone to hear out your concerns. Having a simple conversation can be the difference between ensuring productive work and completely burning out. Never ignore your feelings of being overwhelmed. Talk to someone!

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