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How to Be a Great Service Desk Leader

So you want to lead your service desk to the next level of success, but you are questioning how to accomplish such a lofty feat? In a post for SITS Community 360, Noel Bruton starts a discussion on the steps to take.

It is safe to assume that if the workgroup is typical, it existed long before you stepped in to head the team. This also indicates that the group is of someone else’s design. Things may not be done your way or how you think would be most effective, and that is something you are just going to have to deal with. Circumstances may have changed, or the current system may no longer be relevant. The bottom line is you just need to accept it.

Everything that is good or bad now rests on your shoulders. The ultimate success of the workgroup will be determined because of its new leader, you. Proper motivation will help you to drive your team to reap all of the elusive rewards, and it will leave an impression on them that you are a great leader who deserves to go down in the history books. Motivation can derive from the feeling of genuine importance.

Understand that your workgroup is necessary and directly tied to the success of the business as a whole. Great time, money, and effort were spent in compiling the best team. Others have invested in the group and so should you. Your position and department are important, whether or not you can believe that.

Take this bode of confidence and run with it, leading your loyal team to the ultimate success. Make everyone aware of how valuable you and your group are, from your customers to your boss. What separates the great leaders is their attitude, so believe in yourself and show the world what you are made of.

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