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Five Ways to Be a Team Player without Turning into a Doormat

When everyone is fixated with results, teams can become a runaway train with no conductor. Gwen Moran writes for Fast Company with five ways to keep your head and your dignity on a team. To start, the team needs a structure that delineates responsibilities, procedures, and a mechanism to voice concerns. When selecting work, make sure each team member is given work that fits their abilities, and that none of it is busywork. It is okay if some team members are visibly tackling more work than others some of the time, but if this become is a regular occurrence, someone needs to draw attention to it so that the distribution of work can be rebalanced. When problems are left unchecked, resentment builds, which can poison team harmony and productivity both. Ultimately, a team player needs to be able to rally around whatever its goal is at the time, and if you think there is a way you could be better contributing to team success, voice that opinion to the others. You can view the full article here:

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