7 Ways to Rally Employee Morale

Grab your pom-poms and work those pigtails, because the time has come to become the employee cheerleader. Vivian Giang provides seven ways to raise morale in an article for Business Insider. Here they come: Be clear and transparent with information, especially bad news. Understand that getting the best work out of each employee means treating them all a little differently. Learn each employee’s strengths and give them work that plays to those strengths, but still provide opportunities to expand in other directions too. Provide real-time feedback instead of dumping it on all at once during a formal review. Have the confidence in employees to just let them take charge and execute their own ideas from time to time. Offer incentives like free lunch and working half-days to spice things up. Lastly, make sure employees understand their possibilities for upward mobility, so they feel like they are working toward something greater for both the company and for themselves.

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