7 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Powers of Persuasion

In an article for American Express Open Forum, Bruna Martinuzzi provides some unorthodox and water cooler-worthy tips that very well could transform you from a pauper into a prince of persuasion.

Irregular Tactics

For some reason, people are more receptive to precise numbers than round numbers, so if for instance you are trying to sell services to someone, go for a “$13,450” over a “$13,500.” Another bizarre thing is how the shade Baker-Miller Pink has been demonstrated to have a tranquilizing effect across a variety of circumstances, so wearing a pink shirt to a meeting might incline more people to agree with you. A less strange tactic of persuasion is to determine why people are reluctant to change their views, but do so by asking them to measure their averseness to the change on a 1-10 scale and then asking why they did not score it lower (or ask how a score of 1 can be improved). Then build upon whatever you learn in their answer. A fourth persuasion tactic is to just keep repeating your message over time and across different mediums, the logic being that familiarity kind of forces acceptance into the brain. There are different principles that govern persuasion, and knowing when and how to use them will be a boon. Probably the most absurd and amusing recommendation Martinuzzi offers is to use baby pictures; throwing a baby in any random thing statistically grabs more people’s attention somehow. Her last tip then is to consider “Monroe’s motivated sequence,” itself a five-step process that can be viewed at the full article. You can read it here:

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