7 Easy Steps for Encouraging Employees to Take Initiative

When everyone is willing to take the initiative, you have a workforce that is working toward its fullest potential. Marty Fukuda writes for Entrepreneur with seven ways to develop such a culture. It begins with having an environment that encourages people to share their ideas. Maybe move work out of the office for a day for a change of pace, which might allow shyer employees to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. Encourage people to volunteer for projects, as that is a clear making of a leader. Sometimes, taking initiative is the difference between knowing “a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” Remind people from time to time that they are working toward their own goals, not just those of the company, and they should let that passion drive their work. Likewise, point out to employees that history is full of people succeeding from taking the initiative when it presented itself, even if it often meant suffering a few failures first. One final tip is to just keep things honest. This is a good tip in life in general.

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