6 Ways to Make Sure Your Business Messages Are Received Loud and Clear

Let’s get back to basics and rediscover how to communicate effectively. In an article for Inc., Peter Economy shares six tips to get back on track. The first tip is to be frank in your communication, because flowering it up could unintentionally muddle the message. Likewise, communicate with people in language that makes sense and is meaningful to them. On the flip side, if you hear someone using jargon that probably does not really mean anything, call the person out on it; it is worth some awkwardness to get at the heart of what really needs to be said. And if your first instinct when needing to say something to someone is always to send an email, get rid of that instinct. Emails get lost, forgotten, etc., so sometimes you just need to hear the other person’s voice, one way or another. Long email chains often end up a waste of time too. Remember that, sometimes, you do not even really need to respond.

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