5 Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Lead

Not everyone can take the lead all the time, but it still pays if all employees have the ability to think like leaders. In an article for Inc., Peter Economy shares five tips on how to encourage leadership. First, when possible and practical, build cross-functional teams and allow individuals to take on formal and informal leadership roles within these teams. This will allow them to develop a perspective outside of their own niche. Another thing to do is be generous with information dispersion in the company, so that everyone has the ability to make informed and confident decisions. And yes, you should try to offer the freedom to let employees make valuable decisions when the opportunities present themselves. Remember that when you exhibit passion for the business and what you are trying to achieve, that sense of excitement and ambition will spread to others. For employees inching to grow, make sure in the first place that they have clear roles in their jobs, so that they know the directions in which they might take the lead.

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