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5 Trends That Will Transform Project Management

The project management field is evolving into a discipline that is demanding higher requirements and expectations.  In an article for, Moira Alexander elaborates on five trends that will impact project management the most moving forward. Some of these you have heard about before, but the urgency for them is on the rise.

Trends to Transform

  1. More precise focus on strategy
  2. Monopolizing employee strengths
  3. Demanding more accountability
  4. Greater emphasis on “soft skills”
  5. Working remotely

There are a plethora of adversities that are constantly working against a business when they are attempting to complete a project. Whether it is outside competition or limited resources, leaders will need to shift their focus towards ensuring that business goals are met. General business strategies for the industry provide a nice template,but more precise goals need to be defined specifically for the business.

It is the job of the leader to find the strengths that their employees possess and reward or promote them for a job well done. Hierarchies are important, but do not allow them to limit the potential of a seemingly “lesser” employee. Create a positive environment that is conducive to the steady flow of great ideas.

Profits are no longer the main objective of a business, and managers should be weary of that. With the entire world easily able to scrutinize any business, social responsibility and accountability need to become a necessity. Accountability not only makes the business look good, but it will protect the stakeholders from poor outcomes.

Technical training is great, and very much encouraged, however solid communication skills are immensely valued. Conflict resolution or confidentiality are skills that not everyone possesses or executes well, but they are needed.

Having good technology to back the project can sometimes make or break it, especially in a world in which employees are so mobile. People thrive and desire to have the option to work remotely, and this trend is going to hit project management hard this year:

Other issues that factor into remote project work include productivity degradation, location, distance or time zone differences, communication barriers, and technology and data access issues. Realistic and practical policies and practices should be identified and implemented to address these.

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