4 Tips to Persuade like a Pro

Lisa B. Marshall serves up four quick and dirty tips to persuade like a champ. The first is the simple give-and-take. You listen to find something on which the other person agrees with you, and you build on that commonality. Another tip is, when possible, to offer “short trials” where anxious or uncertain people can try your new idea without making a full commitment in it right away. A third, slightly devious method is to “start big,” which I remember from an old episode of 7th Heaven, incidentally. You start by asking something large and intimidating of a person, assuming they will not want to do it, and then you offer them a smaller, less stressful alternative—the action you were hoping of them in the first place. Marshall’s more normal final tip is use memorable storytelling to show the benefits of why your idea is a good one.

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