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10 Early Signs Your Project’s a Failure

Projects generally stem from a problem that the business is having, but in an effort to quickly resolve the issue, organizations rush into project delivery. There are early signs management teams have a tendency to ignore that warn of project failure. In an article for Project Smart, Adam Alami explains 10 warning signs of project failure that he has personally witnessed:

  1. Uninvolved stakeholders
  2. Ambiguous scope
  3. Lack of experience
  4. Dysfunctional team
  5. Poor timing
  6. Unsuitable vendors
  7. Poor vendor relations
  8. Power struggle
  9. Personal agendas
  10. The project is a political move.

Bad Omens

Whether or not a project is deemed a success is all up to the stakeholders, and when they are not involved, it is nearly impossible for the team to deliver the results they would like to see. A business scope that is too broad will not adequately capture the objectives of the project, another crucial measure in declaring a successful project.

A big factor in successful project completion is being able to “think on your feet.” This is a skill that is developed, and not all project teams are gifted with it. This lack of experience makes it arduous to handle adversity. Additionally, the team needs to mesh well together. A project is ultimately the result of the people working on it, so there should be collaboration between a collection of people who work well together.

Sometimes, despite all the planning, it is just the wrong time to execute a project. There are many factors that could contribute to this, but ultimately bad timing means even the best projects will fail.

Organizations sometimes will be so entranced with the idea of success that they will not adequately analyze their vendors. Vendors need to be able to deliver the elements the organization requires of them. Additionally, there is a problem with project managers neglecting their vendor relations. Every relationship deserves some effort and attention.

Team members sometimes become blinded in a power struggle, attempting to gain recognition and notoriety. This type of competition is unhealthy and distracts from the main goal of the project. Team members who have their own personal agendas pose a threat as well because they are not truly focused on the project itself. When the project’s purpose is a political move, it sometimes is amplifying the problems that exist. These pretenses are often exaggerated and will ultimately hurt the project in the end.

You can read the original article here: https://www.projectsmart.co.uk/10-early-signs-your-projects-a-failure.php

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