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Why You Need to Hire and Train IT Generalists

As important as specialists are, there is an equal need for there to be generalists to help the company to see the big picture. In an article for, Thor Olavsrud elaborates on this necessity for the generalists.

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Over the past few years, there has been an extra push for CIOs to transform IT, and this begins with cultural change. Progressing into the future, there is an integration of IT elements, such as the phone and the network–two elements that have become linked. IT needs specialized people to handle these elements, as well as people to oversee this integration and help illustrate the entire view.

John Matthews, Extrahop’s CIO, grew his company’s IT department 100 percent to help support the growth in customer demand. His secret was simple: he sought out people who were curious and eager to gain new knowledge. He persuaded the younger IT professionals with the opportunity to play with different technology, and he spoke to the veterans’ love of technology. One imperative key to retaining IT employees is to understand that as a manager, it is not necessarily your job to be domineering and aggressively assertive. It is a partnership, and the IT professionals need an environment in which their good ideas are respected and encouraged.

Following hiring, Matthews encourages for all the IT professionals to share in responsibilities. They are all also encouraged to continuously pursue education and training to keep them on the cutting edge. In his company specifically, he runs training frequently and allows for all different IT professionals to be in charge of leading the sessions. At the end of the day, the IT individuals should not only feel empowered, but be encouraged to think creatively.

When the CIO does things more effectively and efficiently, the business grows. Part of the job title requires instilling enthusiasm and building a team that is encouraged because they are valued. You can read the original article here:

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