Why APIs Are Agents of Change for Digitalization

Building a digital strategy around APIs is the first step. Executing and maintaining the implementation is the real race. In an article for CIO Insight, Aaron Sandeen, Phil Manfredi, and Kiran Chinnagangannagari elaborate on how to effectively build an API-driven platform.

Whilst building this platform, there are a few lessons to be learned to make it successful:

  1. Consider open-source.
  2. Begin with identity management.
  3. Take a valuable approach.
  4. Utilize API as a digital enabler.
  5. Be ready to change.

In a normal scenario, government entities avoid open-source solutions because of the security concern they raise. However, there have been incredible advancements for these solutions over the past few years, and using these technologies can help a company be more flexible. Whatever aspect is trying to be controlled, from web portals to enterprise services, identity management is at the heart. Building this capability will help to ensure sustainability and positive solutions for the company.

Digital platforms are the next big thing for innovative business models because they are able to reduce the time it takes to implement them to the market. The best way to transform the business is to focus efforts on building an end-to-end “sliver.” This will help get the most value right away because it provides value from the bottom to the top.

API management directly impacts and benefits automation and digital workflows. These manual processes can be given a makeover to make them standardized and consistent in delivery. API management can also help better anticipate the future. Customers want to be able to access services anywhere at any time that is convenient to them, pushing for the necessity of constant change. The customer experience needs to be properly valued, and their needs for experience will constantly be changing, so the company needs to be ready to adapt.

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