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What Will Make Your Development Run Faster?

What is most important for an IT service provider to deliver today? Traditional IT seeks to maintain the status quo and keep things stable, but there is a push more now than ever for things to be delivered rapidly. In a post for Valorize IT, this push for hasty delivery is examined.

The Rush for Quality

IT is often stuck between two worlds: the old and the significantly faster new. This is what creates bi-modal IT–and a problem. Maintaining two systems and meshing them together into one world is certainly no easy task. There is a push that the secret to this melding is to become agile, but perhaps this is unnecessary. There is a way to maintain what is currently being done well, fix what is being done poorly, and adapt everything into the future.

Before IT can truly embrace becoming bi-modal, there are five areas that need addressed:

  1. Remain close to the business.
  2. Decide where the business requirement should enter.
  3. Administration of control and deployment processes
  4. Utilize change models.
  5. Prepare release management.

It is very important not to skew from the strategic business plan, and so IT needs to always be in the know about what is happening. Maybe there are new requirements that need consideration; IT should know this and be proactive about asking the business what they need. New business requirements need to be hastily integrated, but also monitored. What if this change was too much too soon? Once there are clear business requirements established, control and deployment processes can take full effect.

Change management is a great way by which to monitor standard, normal, or emergency changes, but change models have benefit as well. Release management should also be equally utilized.  This type of management helps prepare the process and ultimately optimize it.

What it all comes down to for IT is calibration. Everything does not need to change in order to become faster–simply calibrate the processes in place and make the system work better. You can read the original post here:

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